Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019


“I am the Albertan from Quebec!” were the words of the People Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.

Hundreds of proud Canadians packed the event room for Mad Max Meet and Greet at the Best Western in Calgary Friday evening. Proud Pakistani, Chinese and Canadians from all races, color and creeds were all in attendance looking for a new leader in Canada who’s ready to make the needs of our beautiful country. With only standing room available our new PM enters the room to a warm Alberta welcome.

“We are the only opposition” Bernier states as he addresses the crowd, “No more political correctness” Max added and the crowd went bananas. With fake news, CBC and CTV in the house Bernier passionately and confidently owned the stage while letting the fake news know that part of his platform will be the reform CBC and Radio Canada. Confidence must be easy to come by when you look at a party like the Green Party who after 35 years have 19,000 members and PPC starts with 33,000 founding members and will be ready for the 2019 federal election.

With a smile on his face and his french Canadian accent Mad Max continued to impress the crowd with his platform. “No more pandering and an end to foreign aid”, helping Canadians first is priority for the PPC and a reform on the equalization formula to spark an incentive to create more natural resources. Quebec has receive payments for over 50 years and it must stop. On top of the reform on CBC and the equalization formula, Bernier will privatize Canada Post and he will abolish the Dairy Cartels that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer heavily relies on.

“We are the only right wing party” states Bernier as he quotes Scheer from a recent article…”We have the opportunity to say that we are a pragmatic centrist party with room for lots of different issues.” As Bernier states, “in other words you don’t have a direct plan and diversity is our strength.” With the NDP going far left and the Conservatives moving towards the middle, the only right-wing party is The Peoples Party of Canada.

As the night came to an end Mad Max took a few questions from the audience but one question in particular really proved who exactly Bernier is and how confident he is. William Majeau, a member of The Clann Canada asked Bernier that if it looked like Trudeau could take the vote would Bernier cross the floor to avoid another Liberal government. Without hesitation Bernier says “I would die first I did dat”.

Thanks to donations from our supporters PPCW was able to attend The Rebel Live event Saturday evening with headline speaker Mad Max. With a crowd of over 500 people Bernier was again welcomed by Albertans ready for a change. Most of what was said the evening before could be heard but Bernier had a few other topics he addressed.

A huge concern in rural Alberta is the rise in crime in communities where a response from law enforcement can take hours. Bernier promises to sink more money and give law enforcement the tools needed to improve the response times but also said home owners should be allowed to protect themselves.

Bernier finished off the event with a final question….”Who is funding and behind PPC?” Mad Max without funding or support from fake news says, ” Canadians are behind PPC!”.

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