Friday, 15 Feb 2019

What is Patriot Pride Canada Wide all about??

◇”The Power of The People is much stronger than the people in power”◇

PPCW is an Independent Alternative Media and campaigning organization which uses non violent creative contest to expose the lack of integrity by our current government and their political subversion and to command the solutions which are essential to Canadians and the preservation of Canadian heritage and values.

PPCW believes in a complete reform to restore responsible government, common law and the Constitution. We want to protect our freedom and rights as stated in our charter and we want improvements on border security and proper legal immigration. PPCW investigates and reports on all terrorism both foreign and domestic as well as exposing child and sexual predators.

Our aim is to network and unite Activist, Journalist, Reporters and Canadians alike. PPCW is also your headquarters for National and Local Events and Alternative Media.

Join our team today and find out how you can help or donate.

Email us at

Or call us at 587-848-0071


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