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Regina Sexual Predator Exposed

“The progression is not what I was expecting“, were the words of a fustrated Regina father when PPCW spoke to Randy Brandsgard this week.

In October 2017 PPCW learned about a father who was disappointed and pissed off with local police and authorities when he learned that his 7 year old daughter had been sexually assaulted by a Turkish refugee. Brandsgard reach out and we covered his story which quickly got the attention needed.

Ozcan Yildirim, a refugee from Turkey admitted to inappropriately touching the 7 year old girl, he turned himself in and was released with the charges of sexual assault on a person under 16 with intent. This is the beginning of the benefits of using the “Refugee Victim Card”. Yildirim mother lives in Turkey and is dying of cancer, therefore accordingly to the Canadian law courts thus would make him a flight risk and would definitely be denied bail, but NOPE. Wrong skin color, you need to be a white Canadian man to be denied bail all others please just display your “Victim Card” for clearance and freedom in our country.

Since October 2017 Yildirim has appeared in court monthly and recently fired his lawyer when he found out that he could be seeing 3 to 7 years for molesting a young girl. He soon realized that he won’t be getting a free goat and suicide vest for this act like back home. Yildirim now wants a new lawyer for a new opinion while he still roams our streets, still holding his passport and still a threat to more young girls.

In a recent update from Brandsgard we have learned that this Skinner may just get off with a small sentence. In a recent conversation with the Crown Prosecutor, Luke Coopal, Brandsgard states that this predator may now only be looking at a 6 month jail sentence, meaning he will be out in 4 months. Is this justice? A young girls life has been changed forever and this Goof is going to get a slap on the hand. What would you do if this was your daughter?

Canada sees over 460,000 sexual assaults a year, but only 33% get reported to police and only 3% are found guilty of the offence. 97% of these people sexually assaulting our woman and children get away and the aftermath of sexual assaults amounts up to over 4.8 billion dollars are year. Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau and his influx in “refugees” and illegals, sexual related crimes have steadily been increasing year after year. Statistics Canada reports that between 2009 and 2014 the number of sexually related offenses amounted to 117,238. In 2015 that more than doubled to 244,340 and then 272,040 in 2016.

PPCW wasn’t able to find any recent statistics for the last 2 years but after the famous tweet by Trudeau the number in illegals and criminals has risen drastically.

We are seeing a problem in Canada with the rise of Islamic refugees, Islamic terror groups such as Hezbollah and an increase in Islaminization of our country. Both Allah and Mohammed were sexual predators and Islam supports the molestation of young girls and boys even to the point of genital mutilation. Islam must be stopped.

On November 1st at 2pm in Regina Provincial Court, Yildirim will again appear before the Judge. PPCW and their investigative Ghost Squad will be on site. Please join us and the family in court to support the young victim in this case. Bring your signs demanding justice to display outside the court house prior to 2pm.

Contact Crown Prosecutor Luke Coopal at 306-787-6667 and demand justice for Brandsgards daughter, a victim of such a brutal crime.

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