Friday, 15 Feb 2019

Parents! Time to Wake Up!

With Justin Trudeau beastiality laws, anal sex age of consent lowered, help from a convicted child predator and the influence from the LGBTQ makes for a disastrous team to create the sex ed curriculum for your 9 year old in Canadian public schools.

It’s been a hot topic by many and stepping up to the plate from Ontario was newly elected Doug Ford. Ford reverted back to the 1998 curriculum, where oral sex with animals was not taught and neither was anal sex and definitely not to 9 years old kids. Ford campaigned on a promise to abandon this sexual grooming, release under the Wynne Liberal government. Fords government maintains that the new curriculum isn’t “age appropriate”.

PPCW did a story not long ago about an Alberta father who removed his child from the sex ed curriculum and then voiced his concern of the LGBTQ influencing going on during Pride Week. He was met with many walls and her is a link to that story…

Alberta Father Quelled by Communist ran school system

Since this article Dean has had more problems with the school to which his kids attend. Dean was given an order from the school to not trespass as stated in the above article. Although Dean did not agree with the order he has respected the boundaries of the school limits but that didn’t matter for the school principal who made a few complaints that Dean was trespassing on school grounds on two different occasions. RCMP arrested Dean on warrants for these allegations. The concerned father now had to wait for a court date and a lawyer to fight these complaints from the Edmonton Remand Center. After 45 days in jail Dean went to court to which the crown withdrew the trespassing allegations and Dean went home. As a result of being in jail, Dean lost his job.

Parents across Canada need to wake up and speak up for our children. We cannot be bullied into losing our rights as parents. There are many groups such as Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity and LGBTQ activist like Fae Johnstone based in Ottawa who are fighting to push this child grooming.

The groups that participated in the letter to keep the current curriculum stated that reverting back to 1998’s curriculum puts students health and well being at risk. Others who believe this non sense are Woman Associations, Union and Political groups and those fighting homelessness. Another interesting mix. My question is; Where were the PARENTS during the making of this curriculum? Well as you can see by Deans story they don’t want the parents of the children to interrupt the abuse happening in our public schools.

With school starting in the next couple weeks this nonsense will start again. Be aware of what your child is learning. Do you approve of this curriculum be taught by your childs teacher? Contact us and tell us what you think. Follow the links to our fb page or email us at


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