Friday, 15 Feb 2019

Mosque Hoax lies continue.

PPCW did a report and exposed the lies behind the Edson, Alberta mosque hoax. Please visit the link and get familiar with the initial reports by Fake News media sources that we debunked…

Edson Mosque Hoax

Well after some more digging with our counter parts across the border we have come across some more lies and discoveries.

We will start with an article by liberal owned reporter Mack Lamoureux of Vice News, as well as fake news CBC. CBC also being a heavily influence and coached MSN source by Trudumb and the Liberal party. PPCW is no stranger to the juvenile work of this so called journalist. We first met Mack when he tried to infiltrate a Soldiers of Odin meeting in Edmonton to which this tight jean, man bun wearing Soy Boy then ran out the back door of this dimly lit bar as Mack reported. Weeks later Mack came out with an article claiming that he had infiltrated the club and did another false news report. These lies and lack of credibility was proven again with his attempt to “expose” the Alberta III% organization. Once again Mack claims he infiltrated the club, now I’m so secret agent but following a fb support page is not an infiltration of the club. Then someone decided to release a fake news story about Mack and he didn’t like that. Mack attempted to file charges but failed, just like his career in journalism.

A picture speaks a 1000 words but only one word comes to mind, GOOF!

Below is a screen shot from Macks bogus article. PPCW called it…conveniently the back door camera wasn’t working so it failed to provide footage. But according to Jocelyn Pettite, the front door camera caught the ignition of the fire and then it could see him leaving by the side of the building. Really? Was Jocelyn drunk when she was interviewed? You mean to tell me that this mosque had cameras with super powers to see through two walls and capture the igniting of the fire and then this camera then followed the suspect from the back, along the side of the building and then capturing him leaving westbound? I’m so impressed that I may go buy one of these super power cameras. Well the stupidity didn’t stop there. Jocelyn then states that they knew it was intentional. Wow thanks Columbo, we all thought that he poured gas and ignited this fire by accident. Thanks for clearing that up.

Pettite then also confirms that there was members of the mosque still on the property in the parking lot where the fire was started. Now let make note that this isn’t a Walmart parking lot. These men were only feet away from the fire making it hard to believe that the suspect had time to set what is being said as two fires now. It doesn’t take a career as a investigator to see the bullshit unfolding here in Edson, Alberta.

Pettite continues her drunken rant saying the suspect knew there was members there and the suspect knew there was members in the parking lot. Now my next question would be… How would Jocelyn know this information unless she had communicated with the Pyro himself? Don’t tell me this mosque has super power cameras and members with super powers too? I knew Islam was dangerous but the ability to mind read is new info for all of us. I think Mack and Jocelyn were passing the bottle of Colt 45 back and forth for this article.

Well that covers the fake media lies, so let’s get into the hard evidence and facts. Below is a picture locating a near by gas station to the east of the mosque, a pin drop of the mosque location and then the location the suspect traveled when he left. All locations including the 50st intersection have cameras. It makes perfect sense that the criminal would take the fastest and most direct route.

Here we have another photo with locations of more cameras along Sparkys ring of fire.

PPCW would like to know how a bunch of Albertan Rednecks with the help of an American can discover all these lies and all these sources for information yet our professionally trained RCMP can’t find the truth? All these cameras including the super powered camera didn’t catch this creep? With gas stations and hotels right across the street and no one saw anything? The super camera caught the igniting of this fire threw walls but couldn’t get a clear image of this guy? No gas stations sold a jerry can to the suspect? We know if they did they would have footage. There was easily 12 cameras in the area and members only feet away but no one knows who did it? Canadians are fed up with MSM lies and cover ups. Canadians are sick of the Islamic invasion and the attempts to push M103 and play that victim card. We are onto your globalist/one world religion tactics. You will fail against Canadians and our American neighbors. Canadians are polite and friendly but once we catch on to outsiders invading our culture and values then out comes the Canuck in all of us.

Please contact the following and ask questions. We cannot let this hoax get swept under the rug.

Call the Mayor @7807234401
Edson RCMP @7807238800
Islamic Soc. Edson @7805047257

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