Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019


Great news coming out of Canada today! Terri Lynn McClintic who helped in the abduction, rape and muder of 8 year old Tori Stafford was set to move into a minimum security healing lodge but Tori’s father wasn’t having it. Rodney Stafford demanded that Justin Trudeau step in and reverse the decision.

On April 8, 2009, Tori Stafford left Oliver Stephens Public school when she was captured on video being led down Fyfe Avenue in Woodstock by a woman later identified as Terri Lynn McClintic. On July 21, 2009, Staffords naked body was found only wearing a Hannah Montana shirt with a pair of butterfly earings that she had borrowed from her mother. The lower half of her body had significantly decomposed, her ribs were broken and liver was lacerated. An autopsy revealed that the innocent little girl had died from multiple blows to the head with a claw hammer.

McClintic and her punk bitch boy friend Michael Rafferty had taken the life of a little girl. On April 30, 2010 McClintic was sentenced to Life with no chance of parole for 25 years, but this changed and sparked outrage across Canada.

Corrections Canada was set to move McClintic to a minimum security healing lodge in Saskatchewan. Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge is located in the Nekanet First Nations reserve. The lodge was opened in efforts to meet the needs of aboriginal inmates, with aboriginal over represented in the prison system they are apparently more likely to become victims of crime. With groups such as Red Alert and ASAP native gangs this seems to be not likely as may non aboriginal inmates have been victims of these gangs.

Healing lodges have proven to be a threat to society and as of lately that has been proven again. This October, Louis Bonneau escaped from Willow Creek healing lodge where he was serving a sentence for drug and weapon charges. Since February 2016, healing lodges in Canada have led to many inmates escaping including Alan Wright, who escaped for over a year for his assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, break and enters and lastly forcible confinement.

Okimaw Ochi saw 18 violent inmates escape in 2016. A male staff member was charged with sexual assault at the lodge December 2018. The lodge also reports that only 6% of the inmates finish their recovery programs proving that these lodges ate ineffective. With no fence and poor security Canadians were worried that this deranged child killer will escape and hurt more children.

Across the country we saw many protest and Canadians put on the pressure. Conservative leaders brought the transfer up to a vote in the House of Commons and even with Justin Trudeau ordering his MP’S to vote against the change, they voted to keep McClintic in prison. Good thing considering that in September 2012, Clintic was found guilty of assaulting a prison mate.

Today PPCW learn that McClintic will not be moving to the lodge. Ralph Goodale is making it harder for violent murderers to get transfers. With Goodale’s new rules, prisoners won’t be eligible for transfers without secure perimeters until they are into the “preparation for release” phases of their sentencing. Correctional Services will also have to consider the inmates behavior and determine how close they are to being eligible for unescorted absences from the prison before transferring them.

Great victory for Canadians and a little more justice for Tori!

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