Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

NDPs Lies Exposed Again!

PPCW brought you a story a few days ago when they attended a Anti Racism Engagement hosted by NDP’s MLA Trevor Horne. The event was to, in their words…Taking Action Against Racism in Alberta. The problem we had with this event was that they were inciting hatred and brainwashing our community with their lies.

Horne dressed in his tight pants exposing his camel toe along with organizers Nigel Hakeem who looked liked he just came from some intense suicide bomber training and Labiqa Nazar Khan, whos probably missing a Labia due to her islamic practices were providing false statistics to the 20+ people that were in attendance, with the average age being 60. Horne, a product of too much Soy was presenting statistics from 2016 which were completely inaccurate. Since 2016 Alberta hate crimes have decreased attributed to the lower crimes against Jews and Muslims contrary to Hornes info package stating those stats were rising. Out of the 1752 cases in Canada, Alberta only made up 11% of that total, this is not what was being presented at the event. Below is a picture of the info they provided.

Since the event a few Alt Left groups such as Antifa and Progress Alberta have reacted to PPCW story but one reporter in particular covered the story with a response from Trevor “Adolf” Horne himself.

St Albert Gazette reporter, Jennifer Henderson published a story and we had to respond.

The article written by Henderson reports that “2 far right groups attempted to enter a recent anti racism engagement” and stated we were supportive of “Far Right groups”. Far right implies that we would be in support of white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-Semites and neo nazism. PPCW clearly does not hold any sorts of racial discrimination, we have exposed Nazism and we have members from all races, color and creed and that evening PPCW founder was joined by a Metis man, Damien Maje and we happen to be sitting with an African American woman. The Alberta Clann member and investigative member of PPCW had this to say in response to these false allegations…

A pissed off Canadian and self proclaimed sewer rat Maje was disgusted by Hornes response to our presence.

“A few individuals associated with some white nationalist organizations and with a history of posting racism and white nationalist material online came by,” Commie Horne said then added, “We knew it was a possibility, especially given some of the recent events in the province and internationally. We were keeping an eye out for it. We took as many precautions as we could.” Horne also claims that he was in support of the removal, this being contrary to what Horne told the two men while peacefully exiting. The Commie Coward didn’t have the balls in his thong to stand up for his decisions and support to discriminate against the Patriots and said he didn’t know what was going on. That right there shows the Cuck that he really is. The full story by Henderson can be read here…

Now not only did Henderson report tell lies pandering to the Alt Left but she also lied about Greg Huck not being available for an interview. Huck who has been an activist and proud Patriot for all his life wasn’t about to fall into another “FAKE NEWS” article. Henderson asked Huck for an interview and here was the response.

Huck was willing to answer Henderson questions but he wanted to protect his best interest and demanded that the interview be by messenger or recorded by video so “FAKE NEWS” couldn’t twist and flip the story. As you can see they weren’t willing to cooperate with our demands and CUCKED out and failed to provide both sides to the story. Alt Left groups such as the NDP, Antifa, Progress Alberta and the St Albert gazette are guilty of inciting hatred and publishing lies to promote the globalist agenda. These hate mongers need to be exposed and wiped out come election time.

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