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Alberta Patriots get thrown out of NDPs, Trevor Horne Anti Racism Engagement event held at the St Albert United Church.

Member of PPCW, Ghost Squad Canada and The Clann attended the event this evening only to be thrown out and discriminated against. PPCW founder Ryan Dean and a member of Ghost Squad were blown away when the organizers surrounded the two and asked them to leave based on a post by Ghost Squad member Greg Huck an hour prior to the event.

Organizers Nigel Hakeem, a Muslim man from Spruce Grove, NDP supporter and member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada and son of Sheila Detbrenner along with Labiqa Nazar Khan, a Muslim woman and Co owner of Spot on Donair & Kebab approached the two white Canadian males with an entourage of social justice warriors. As MLA of Spruce Grove and St.Albert for the NDP watched, Hakeem first approach the two men to inform them the are aware of who they were and that if they don’t follow the communist rules of this event, we would be kicked out. Dean explained that they were there to listen and observe and promised to cooperate and act in a civil manner. Hakeem then joined his crew of leftist morons and proceeded to be gossiping like a 13 year old girl at a Nsync concert. A woman who has been identified as Teresa Colombina then approached our table and asked to speak with the African woman sitting next to us, after they returned the black woman grabbed her stuff and moved tables. Seems to me that this wasn’t an open minded crowd and we were targeted because the organizers felt intimidated by our presence and the fact that we came prepared as Hakeem made a comment about the notes that Dean was taking. That wasn’t the only preparation that was made, Ghost Squad and the Clann member was equipped with a hidden camera on himself.

Both Dean and his company could not believe what they were hearing, they were being discriminated against and their freedom of speech and opinion were being attacked. The 2 Patriots decided the cooperate and decided to leave. As Dean was leaving he asked Trevor Horne what he thought about the removal and he claimed he had no idea what was going on. Man up you coward! Hakeem then used his body with a hand on Deans arm in an attempt to physically remove him. Dean quickly responded warning the hate monger to remove his hands from his arm and that if he physically touched him again then he would react accordingly stating he felt that Hakeem was trying to engage in a violent confrontation. The two patriots left peacefully and Dean did a quick video of his experience with the discrimination he faced at this Anti Racism event. Diversity is apparently very selective.

The event only saw 23 people in attendance with the average age of 50 to 60, clearly they had nothing better to do this evening and bingo hall was closed. Information packages were handed out to all attendees and this is were we noticed the first problem with the information they had planned to brainwash these unsuspecting seniors. The statistics they were basing this program on were compiled from 1996 to 2016.

What they failed to add into this information in that since 2016 hate crimes in Alberta have decreased and mainly attributed to lower cases against jews and Muslims although cases against jews have risen 24% across Canada. They also failed to mention that with this decrease in racism in Alberta, out of 1752 cases reported in Canada, Alberta only had 206 of those, meaning Alberta only contributes 11% of all hate crimes.

Knot head Notley along with her puppet Eggen pledged 2 million dollars into a Anti Racism Advisory Council made up of 25 snowflakes and fruitcakes who will try to find ways to remove barriers in Alberta to eliminate racism. The program information can be found at …

Notley has also created a provincial hate crimes unit because the current hate crimes units aren’t effective? Hate crimes have decreased in Alberta but we need a more donut eaters running a wild goose chase?

Grants are being given out to Anti Racism non profit organizations and first nations or metis settlements. This was all brought on by a study at the University of Lethbridge when 372 Aboriginals were asked about their experiences with racism and an online survey. Some real hard research was put into this program considering a year and and a half has past since Notley asked Eggen to undertake a review of Anti Racism activities and actions the province could take on. A year and a half ago? Obviously there no need for concern as it has seemed to fall off the radar. The problem PPCW sees is radical groups such as Antifa receiving funding through this propaganda. After a look at the INVITED guest to tonight’s event it’s clear that they are only wanting certain groups of individuals to attend. A strong majority of the INVITED list consist or NDP supporters and members of the LGBTQRSTUV community as well as a few questionable faces such as self proclaimed Social Justice Warrior and Edmonton resident Celine Vee as well as 2 radical Antifa members including Richard Roach.

The 2 Antifa members clearly like to incite hatred and violence as we can see in their Facebook profiles. This is the type of people these globalist puppets are catering too and anyone who opposes their views then gets removed. The organizers believe in Diversity, the condition of having or being composed of different elements and the inclusion of different types of people’s including those of different race or culture. Obviously the only culture that was accepted tonight was that of the Islamic community, the LGBT and the NDP parasites. If you are a proud, white, conservative Canadian you are not included in the private world of the leftist diverse population.

Please feel free to contact the event Organizers

Trevor Horne -NDP MLA


Nigel Hakeem


Labiqa Nazar Khan


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