Friday, 15 Feb 2019

Child Predators Not Welcome

Six young girls lives were changed at the hands of an Islamic child predator. What would you do as a parent, grandparent or even a brother if you got the news that your loved one had been sexually assaulted by a goof? I couldn’t imagine the control the family has had. Crimes as such should result by a public hanging in the middle of town. It sure would send a message to theses skinners.

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, a 40 year old father is facing 6 counts of sexual assault and 6 counts of sexual contact with a child….now let that sink in for a minute…..a child…..6 children. PPCW has sat in for every court date this predator has faced. Our investigative team have heard the stories from these young girls first hand, from groping their buttocks to their breast. The accused claims this was by accident due to the waves in the pool….come on dude, every man has used that excuse when they were horny teenage boys with permanent erections, you are supposed to be a grown man??

PPCW did a live show one night and spoke of the case and we were angry with locals because these girls only had the support of our members and Sheila Gunn Reid from The Rebel. Well our call was heard and at the next trial date we were joined by 30+ bikers. Members of the Guardian of the Children and Urban Bulldogs Against Kid Abuse graced everyone with their presence. Chapter presidents explained to The Rebel that they were there not to intimidate but to show support. Both clubs were saddened to hear that there was little support for the girls and both clubs pride themselves on protecting children from predators as such.

On July 6th at 9am, Soleimon will hear the verdict of his crimes that will ever change these young girls. PPCW will be there once again and the best news yet is that G.O.C and U.B.A.K.A have confirmed to us that they will be returning in full force. We ask that you join us and offer your support to these victims. Edmonton Courts had to move us into a larger room last time so this time….let’s full the whole court house!!! We need to show these Trudeau Political investments that they will not get away with this in our country. We aren’t animals in Canada and we respect and cherish our woman and children, this is not Syria and your Sharia ways won’t get you far here.

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