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Canada’s Connection to the Soros Caravan

When tyranny becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! This may just be the future in our beautiful country after it gets infested with 3rd world riff raff and M13 gang bangers. Not only is Canada already facing a border crisis with illegals crossing into Canada using the loop holes in out corrupt government. PPCW was doing some research into a small time activist in Halifax when the story just kept getting bigger and more interesting.

PPCW with the help of The Clann Alberta’s own Damien Maje started looking into a Halifax activist named Stacey Gomez. Gomez and Alt Left Muslim activist Masuma Khan had organized rallies against Trump but recently were working together to plan a demonstration in support of the migrant caravan heading north from Guatemala. Gomez called on the Canadian government to repeal the Safe Third Country Agreement and open Canadian borders to the migrants and refugees in the caravan. “The U.S. is not a safe country for all refugees and so we want refugees to be able to come here even if they pass through the U.S.” Gomez stated. Gomez always said she wants Ottawa to “break it’s silence” on the migrant caravan of illegals, human traffickers, gang members and not to mention diseases such as small pox that they bring. Not only does Gomez support the Open borders policy but she was a supporter of Abdoul Abdi, a refugee who was facing deportation for numerous charges including aggravated assault and she also wants to abolish ICE.

Stacey Gomez pictured below

After some digging we found out that Gomez was linked up with Guatemalan political activist and member of the CCDA, Marcelo Sabuc. Sabuc a member of Comité Campesino Del Altiplano is on a 21 day tour of Canada speaking on behalf of the Caravan. CCDA was founded in 1982 during the Guatemala Cicialthe War. It was a committee for the defense of the Highlands, to fight against inequality and poverty in Guatemala. CCDA places political activism at the center of its activities and operate 11 departments in Guatemala. CCDA has had 3 of its members killed and many ate in jail or facing the criminalization process.

Julian Marcelo Sabuc Xalcut pictured below

Sabuc story doesn’t end here. We noticed he was a main advocate and member for the Covergencia Guatemala, a socialist/alt left political party lead by a Sandra Moran. Moran a long time LGBT and feminist activist organized the first lesion group in Guatemala in 1995 and then organized the first Pride event in 1998. Moran also lived in exile in Mexico, Nicaragua and then Canada between 1981 to 1994. Moran then came to the Maritimes in July of 2018 and then spoke at Selkirk College in Nelson,BC. Moran was supported and funded by the Public Service Alliance of Canada for her tour promoting the Caravan as well supporter Justin Trudeau came by to show his support and pose with the Tranny flag.

What exactly was Moran’s motive for coming from Guatemala to speak on their behalf? Below is Sandra Moran as she visits First Nations in Halifax.

This story then took a real interesting twist when we looked further into the CCDA website and inquired about making a donation to the cause. We hit the DONATE button and were sent to FLD was founded in Dublin in 2001 with the specific aim of protecting human rights and to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Members state they have pledged themselves to achieve, in cooperation with the United Nations for the promotion of human rights and freedoms. Review the Declaration here….

Take notice of Article 13, 14, 15 and 25. This is all part and in conjuction with the Global Compact for Migration which Trudeau is set to sign come December. The GCM is the first intergovernmental negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner and it’s grounded in values of state sovereignty. After some research we discovered that Front Line Defenders is funded by Open Society Foundation and the Tides Foundation which is founded by George Soros. FLD is also the winner of the 2018 United Nations Human Rights Prize.

Guatemala has faced it’s fair share of problems and with that the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala. CICIG was founded by Ivan Valasquez Gomez and has roots that go back to the Guatemalan Civil War, a conflict between ring wing military forces and left wing guerrillas that began in the 1960s, a few years after the United States backed a coup that overthrew Guatemalan president Jacob Àrbenz. CCIG a U.N. backed commission who was “trying” to fight the corruption in Guatemala and Valasquez was the judge in this witch hunt for corruption and with the President as equally corrupt, President Jimmy Morales with an army of trolls started a viral online attack of CCIG and Morales.

Ivan Valesquez second from left pictured above

The US democrats are using taxpayers money to support the left wing Billionaire Soros globalist agenda in Guatemala and PPCW has linked it right to Canada. Between U.S. funded entities and Soros Open Society, the Hungarian efforts is to advance the radical globalist agenda through “lawfare” and political subversion.

The OSF programs in Guatemala include funding liberal media, support of global politicians, advocating for open borders, fomenting public discord and the influence of academic institutions. This unity with the United Nations has proven to play a major role in Soros efforts in Guatemala, specifically the CICIG headed by Valasquez who had been known to threaten Guatemala sovereignty. Soros describes CICIG as “a potential model for other states” and the US democrats have funded approximately $36 million into CICIG. Barrack Obama’s ambassador to Guatemala, Todd Robinson and Valasquez collaborated to illegally promote changes to the Guatemalan constitution and the Trump’s administration has not waved in its support for Valasquez or the CICIG.

Other entities such as Chemonics International partnered with OSF funded CICIG a $37,390,000 grant from the USAID as well as a $1 million USAID grant for FUNDAECO as well as many others. In 2018 Doris is predicted to expend more than $500 million to promote his radical globalist agenda. Guatemala isn’t the only victim, a collaboration between U.S. democrats and Soros to destabilize the democratically elected center-right governments in Macedonia. The US ambassador to Macedonia worked behind the scenes with OSF to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause therefore being in violation of public affairs at the Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations. A sum of approximately $5 million flowed the department and USAID.

The United States Soros groups have pushed a radical agenda including the promotion of open borders with Mexico and fighting immigration enforcement, creating a racial division with groups such as BLM, Antifa and opposing counterterrorism efforts and eroding the 2nd Amendant protections. OSF has also funded the liberal activist group ACORN headed by Hilary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Soros globalist agenda again exposed and it follows a corrupt pathway right into Halifax, Canada with the efforts of Stacey Gomez, Marcelo Sabuc and Guatemalas most corrupt politician Sandra Moran.

We must stop the Globalist in their tracks and protect our countries from terrorist such as George Soros, the Obama’s and Clintons.

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