Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019


Smoke bombs, screaming soy boys and the many alternative genders united tonight to bring havoc and terror to Toronto streets. The scene would be best described as pride parade meets the walking dead. It was like a train wreck, hard on the eyes but the curiosity kept you intrigued.

Protesters including domestic terrorist ANTIFA or Anti Fascist Action gathered outside the Steve Bannon and David Frum Monk Debate. They screamed and yelled, stomped their feet and then they turned violent. ANTIFA attacked the guest, physically assaulting many and then resulted to smoke bombing the event guest. Alex VH from Free Bird Media was on site and caught most of the footage. Please follow FREE BIRD MEDIA!!

Roads were closed due to the attack by ANTIFA, police used pepper spray resulting in 12 arrest with various charges on various genders, 2 Trudeau puppets(police) were injured and the best part of it all….the event went on and again the radical Alt Left fail to shut us down. Better luck next time pencil dicks!

November 10th in Calgary, Alberta we may have the same scene. Calgary Anti Fascist Action(Pantifa) plan to protest and attack an event hosted by The Rebel Media. Special guest Maxime Bernier, Brad Trost will be joined by The Rebels own Sheila Gunn Reid, activist Robbie Picard, Lindsay Shepard and public interest lawyer, John Carday are all set to speak. Andrew Scheer was invited but has yet to respond.

Below is a shot of the protest CAFA plan to hold at 11400 27st SE, Calgary.

ANTIFA is a conglomeration of Alt Left autonomous, self styled anti Fascist militant group. Their tactics include harassment, violent attacks, valdalism and doxxing those who oppose them. Calgary ANTIFA has done it’s fair share of all the above including the attack on Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his street church.

Above in purple shirt and ass like J-Lo is ANTIFA member Axmeg Breezy (Eddie) seen here attacking worshippers

Above we see ANTIFA member/cross dresser Aaron Doncaster in blue shirt and red hat attempting to anal rape man bent over on the ground.

Axmeg Breezy being carefully watched by Calgary Police during one of ANTIFA terroristic rallies at City Hall. Let’s hope Breezy doesn’t mistake the mic for his dildo and this event turns into a pride event

Axmeg Breezy and Aaron Doncaster play a significant role in Calgary ANTIFA. Doncaster not only dresses like a woman some days depending on his gender that day but he also has been arrested before with his boyfriend Tavis Ford, another radical commie skid mark who has a lengthy report with the law including arrest at a Greenpeace event.

Doncaster above with fellow rainbow radical/ Below Doncaster and lover Tavis Ford being arrested by police for squatting illegally. Police report many empty tube of KY made it a slippery arrest with the mix of snowflakes on the ground and in the tent.

Another two major roles in the extremist Alt Left movement is Jason Devine and Saima Jamal from Calgary ANTIFA. Devine is best laughed at when he was attacked in his home and beat up for his radical actions or the numerous times his children have been taken away from him and his wife Bonnie from their home in the 5400 block of Eighth Avenue S.E. Calgary back in 2010. Below are pictures of this creeper. Devine looks like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror show…

Saima Jamal is also part of Calgary ANTIFA and is an Islamic radical. Jamal is best known for inviting hatred and putting Calgarians at risk recently when she fabricated a Muslim counter protest against a Christian rally group who had planned a peaceful rally. Anti Islam speaker Sandra Solomon was the victim of death threats most likely orchestrated by Jamal. Jamal seen below looking like Fat Albert, Bin Laden and Rosie O’Donnell had a threesome and out came this troll…

Another two supporters of communism and proud ANTIFA member are these two characters to which I have named Shrek and Fiona. Chantal Chagnon and Tristan Wolfgang are also players in the Skid Mark gang. These two can also be seen with this nameless power ranger looking snowflake that we’ve named Donkey. Please meet the swamp crew…

PPCW ask all Patriots and all Anti ANTIFA supporters to join us as well as GHOST SQUAD on November 10th at 2pm as we band together to defeat Communism and terrorism.

Please follow Patriot Pride Canada Wide on fb and if you wish to help or contribute to the cause please email us at

We currently need a laptop and camera equipment to bring you more and better coverage of events and to be able to have to tools needed to defeat the left. ASK US HOW YOU CAN DONATE!! EMAIL US NOW!!

Ghost Squad Canada can be found on FB. PPCW sister squad reaping on creepers.

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  1. Joey and Jesse are trailer park queers. I also remember when butterball Joey ran scared from that rally in Vancouver…Saskatchewan and Ottawa. Shrek is just a keyboard warrior along with his crack head sidekick Jesse. You kikes are just an embarasment to white nationalist. 1488 WPWW

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