Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018
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Rants Derek hits you hard!

PPCW is featuring Derek Harrison of Rants Derek, where political correctness has no home and whisky and doobies are welcome. Ontario’s own has been catching the attention of those looking for the truth, raw and uncut. Derek will chew you up and then spit you out! Well that depends on what side of the fence […]

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Patriots unite for Border Action Now!

Over a year ago the now called, “Patriot Queen” had covered the loop hole in our border policies and finally after hearing that more than 600 illegal border jumpers have been crossing at Roxham road at the Canada and US border, Faith Goldy called for a rally. Here is footage from lasts years report. Now […]

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Canadians Demand that Tommy Robinson be set FREE.

From the UK to Berlin, Australia and now Canada. Patriots and freedom fighters from across Canada took a stand for their fundemental freedoms as Canadians. Today at noon in a variety of Canadian cities we saw the power of social media but also the unity for those wanting to be able to expose the tyranny […]

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June in Canada starts with an explosion.

Canadians are angry and fed up across the country. Justin Trudeau and his puppets have done nothing but fail us Canadians. This first weekend in June is full of events and PPCW is proud to support and bring you all the information!! #FreeTommyRobinson Rally June 1st at Noon at locations across Canada. Watch the video […]

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PPCW Stands On Guard For Thee Across Canada

Across the country today Patriots united to demand Responsible Government. Canadians are sick of Justin Trudeau and today some of Canada’s finest stood strong and delivered a message. Below our a few of our favorite pictures and video links of today’s efforts. PPCW is very proud of our new team and great job by all […]

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