Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018
Category: Liberals

Mosque Hoax lies continue.

PPCW did a report and exposed the lies behind the Edson, Alberta mosque hoax. Please visit the link and get familiar with the initial reports by Fake News media sources that we debunked… Edson Mosque Hoax Well after some more digging with our counter parts across the border we have come across some more lies […]

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Alberta Father Quelled by Communist ran school system

Liberals have tried to do everything they could to hide the fact that the sex ed curriculum was created with the help of a pedophile goof. Benjamin Levin, a former deputy education minister was jailed in May 2015 for creating and possessing child pornography and counselling others to commit a sexual assault. Justice Heather McArthur […]

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Terrorists hit Toronto streets for Al Quds Day

Hezbollah, a Shi’a Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon has been spotted on Toronto streets. On June 9th along University Avenue in Toronto, flags of Hezbollah were waving high in sky as the Muslim extremist taunted Canadians standing against this hateful event. Al Quds day, Quds being the Arabic name for Jerusalem […]

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The Apple doesn’t fall far from Trudeau tree

An editorial released back in 2000 has resurfaced and has many questioning Canada’s Jihadist Feminist. Canada’s Crime Minister apologizes for “inappropriately handling” a young reporter. According to the article posted in the Creston Valley Advance, Trudeau stated that, ” I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I would never […]

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Canada’s Government being led by Tyrannical Leadership.

Yussuf Mahamed a Somali Muslim man entered Canada illegally with false documents back in 2013. The Somali man, a father of four was facing deportation until a phone call came in 3 hours prior to Mahamed flight back to Kenya. Mahamed, who lived in Edmonton since 2013 was facing deportation because he entered Canada with […]

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Inspired by the Rebellion of 1837. Patriots are rising and demanding Responsible Government. Join us coast to coast as we stand up and speak out about Trudeau and his Liberal Government. Please follow and like us:

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Hold our government accountable. Take action

I have just sent this email to all the MP and senators and it took me 5 minutes !, please do it, dont be lazy … USE GMAIL !!!   LETTER OF ACCOUNTABILITY To: All Ministers of Parliament The disgusted voices of Canadian citizens of all political stripes are publicly sounding the alarm regarding the […]

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Never trust or turn your back on a snake.

“The Snake” a song by Oscar Brown, also known by its recital by President Donald Trump and also acts as a reminded of what illegal and unvetted immigration can cause. Never turn your back in a snake. On her way to work one morningDown the path along side the lakeA tender hearted woman saw a […]

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