Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018
Author: Donald

Domestic Terrorism Group operating out of Sudbury, Ontario.

Sudbury, Ontario is the birthplace of Canada’s newest domestic threat bringing terror to our own people. Canadian Combat Coalition or also known as C3 originated and was founded out of Alberta, Canada. The organization grew fast and became a force of free speech and unforgettable rallies. This soon went south when C3 adopted Dan Dubois […]

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On September 30, 2017 alleged ISIS member, Abdulahi Sharif rammed Edmonton police constable Mike Chernnyk with his vehicle and then proceeded to stab him numerous times. Sharif then struck 4 pedestrians with a rental truck during a police chase. At the time on the incident police were investigating it as a terror attack as they […]

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Rants Derek hits you hard!

PPCW is featuring Derek Harrison of Rants Derek, where political correctness has no home and whisky and doobies are welcome. Ontario’s own has been catching the attention of those looking for the truth, raw and uncut. Derek will chew you up and then spit you out! Well that depends on what side of the fence […]

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Parents! Time to Wake Up!

With Justin Trudeau beastiality laws, anal sex age of consent lowered, help from a convicted child predator and the influence from the LGBTQ makes for a disastrous team to create the sex ed curriculum for your 9 year old in Canadian public schools. It’s been a hot topic by many and stepping up to the […]

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Free Speech Rally in Edmonton!

Onward Christian Soldiers along with help from various groups in the area will be hosting a free speech rally September 1st, 2018 and here is the info you will need for this rally. Find more info on fb by following the link. Support your local activist bringing attention to important issues that other are too […]

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Mosque Hoax lies continue.

PPCW did a report and exposed the lies behind the Edson, Alberta mosque hoax. Please visit the link and get familiar with the initial reports by Fake News media sources that we debunked… Edson Mosque Hoax Well after some more digging with our counter parts across the border we have come across some more lies […]

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Child Predators Not Welcome

Six young girls lives were changed at the hands of an Islamic child predator. What would you do as a parent, grandparent or even a brother if you got the news that your loved one had been sexually assaulted by a goof? I couldn’t imagine the control the family has had. Crimes as such should […]

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Supreme Court of Canada chooses Equality over Freedom

The Supreme Court of Canada released its decision on Friday the 15th of June 2018 in the case of Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of Upper Canada (2016)& The Law Society of British Columbia (2015). Rejecting Trinity Western University’s (TWU) appeal to establish a Christian Law School in Canada. To briefly summarize the […]

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