Friday, 15 Feb 2019
Month: May 2018

June in Canada starts with an explosion.

Canadians are angry and fed up across the country. Justin Trudeau and his puppets have done nothing but fail us Canadians. This first weekend in June is full of events and PPCW is proud to support and bring you all the information!! #FreeTommyRobinson Rally June 1st at Noon at locations across Canada. Watch the video […]

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Hundreds of demonstrators descended on Whitehall to protest UK’s figurehead Tommy Robinson’s arrest for allegedly breaching the peace outside a Leeds courthouse. The area had to be closed to traffic as the group gathered outside Downing Street on Saturday afternoon. The demonstration came after the founder of the English Defence League – real name Stephen […]

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Faith Goldy calls for #BorderActionNow!

Canadians across our nation are being taken advantage of by illegal border jumpers and there doesn’t seem to be any light to the end of this tunnel. An estimated 600 illegals are crossing Canada’s border a day from illegal ports of entry and it has become such a burden on social services that Quebec has […]

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PPCW Stands On Guard For Thee Across Canada

Across the country today Patriots united to demand Responsible Government. Canadians are sick of Justin Trudeau and today some of Canada’s finest stood strong and delivered a message. Below our a few of our favorite pictures and video links of today’s efforts. PPCW is very proud of our new team and great job by all […]

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Faith Goldy Attacked at Border

PPCW has obtained for footage from yesterday’s violent attack on reporter Faith Goldy as she attended the Storm Alliance Border counter protest against Antifa Open Border rally. Share this video everywhere!!! Check out @ThinGrayLine01’s Tweet: Please follow and like us:

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Faith Goldy Violently Attacked

Faith Goldy, a Canadian Right Wing writer and commentator was violently attacks today. Goldy and a friend were on the search for a Patriot counter protest hosted by Storm Alliance today at the Quebec illegal border crossing when she was punched, pushed and had her camera equipment damaged by members of the terrorist group Antifa. […]

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Fellow Canadians, Canadas future is at risk due to a tyrannical government and on May 21st,2018 Canadians from across the country will take a stand against Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government and demand Responsible Government. This March has been inspired by Patriots Day, a celebration of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837. Although the […]

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Inspired by the Rebellion of 1837. Patriots are rising and demanding Responsible Government. Join us coast to coast as we stand up and speak out about Trudeau and his Liberal Government. Please follow and like us:

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